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The Mako Track

Track & Info


The Mareeba Karting Club races on the MakoTrac in Mareeba, an hour drive from Cairns. Please click on the link below to visit the MakoTrac website for a detailed overview of the track and facilities.

-MakoTrac Track Layouts-

Track Variations

Juniors/Midgets - Track 8

Clubmans - Track 13

Shifters - Track 17 







 Current Track Weather Conditions


For more detailed weather information, we recomend you visit the weather chart linked to the Mako Trac website.

Click the link Below:

-MakoTrac Gokart Action-


How To Get There!!

Springs Road Mareeba 4880

 The MakoTrac is situated on Springs Road in Mareeba. Travelling through the Mareeba CBD along Byrnes Street, heading North, you will cross the Granite Bridge. After crossing the bridge take your first left, turning onto the Mareeba-Dimbula Road. Following this road, you will pass the Mareeba Golf Course and the mareeba Rodeo Grounds, both on your right. Springs road turn off is located just after the Rodeo grounds on your right, you should notice the MakoTrac facilities positioned on the corner. 

Mareeba is located roughly an hours drive west of Cairns. You can get to mareeba from cairns by taking th Kuranda Range from Smithfield and following the highway all the way to Mareeba. Turn left when you reach Mareeba directs you towards the CBD.



Upcoming Events

Track Variations

-Championship Series-


Juniors/ Rookies - track 8

Clubman - track 13

TAG 125/Shifter - track 17

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